Blooming Naibor

May 2, 2017 by Naibor No Comment

After months with hardly any rain, the Mara is finally lush and green again. Big storms have the plains sparkling green and wildlife in and around camp is thriving.

We were busy during the holiday season with lots of festivities. For New Years, we had champagne, live music, and even sparklers for the kids.

As we approach the quieter season, we are working towards making a lot of improvements around camp. All Main Naibor rooms have received new fences built by Masai women from a nearby community.

The kitchen is also hard at work developing and testing new recipes to add to Naibor’s delicious menus. Head chef, Wilson, is particularly excited to share with guests a new mouthwatering lunch meal of vegetable moussaka accompanied by chickpea and tomato mozzarella salads.

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