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October 13, 2017 by Naibor No Comment

We are very excited about the 2018 Safari Awards because this is the 2nd time that Naibor Camp has been nominated for a record 10 categories. So if you have been on a great safari with us in the last year why not take a few minutes to vote Naibor Camp

Naibor Camp has been nominated for the Best Safari Guiding Team

The categories we have been nominated for include:

Best Value Safari Property
Best Ecologically Responsible Property
Best Community Focused Property
Best Safari Cuisine
Best Family Safari Experience
Best Location
Best Design
Most Romantic Safari Property
Best Safari Guiding Team
Best Safari Spa/Retreat

The Safari Awards are now a decade old and continue to showcase the best in safari properties and experiences across Africa and beyond. Last year, the best safari properties in Africa received nearly 15,000 votes from people who wanted to recognise their most memorable safari experience.

Naibor Camp has been nominated for the Best Value Safari Property

Thanks in advance for your support!

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