Treatment of an Injured Elephant Bull

February 9, 2018 by Naibor No Comment

On Wednesday two of our clients and Naibor guide, Daniel, were able to help with the treatment of an injured bull elephant.

During the morning game drive, our guests noticed an elephant with an injured leg (probably from fighting with another bull) that was very swollen. Daniel was able to contact the KWS and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Dr. Campaign Limo was on the scene within an hour.

The elephant was sedated for about 30 mins as the vet and his team worked quickly on the injured leg. Dr. Limo says the elephant should recover successfully from his injuries.

Never a dull day in the Mara!

Daniel with the sedated elephant bull

Conducting an inspection of the bull

Working quickly to help the injured bull

Dr. Campaign Limo administering medicine to the injured bull

Up and about after treatment

Dr. Limo with Naibor Camp clients

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