Little Naibor

Little Naibor is located within the immediate vicinity of Naibor Camp, and is made up of two spacious suites which are uniquely designed.

Each suite contains a double and a twin bedded room, with their own bathrooms, inter-joined by a communal lounge and verandah area.  A dedicated team of staff caters to your every need. Each of these stunning suites have their own private fireplaces and dining areas set up strategically, overlooking the Talek River with complete privacy and spectacular views. Little Naibor can be booked and used as an exclusive private arrangement, or used in conjunction with the main Naibor Camp and its facilities.


  • Rugs, floor cushions and plenty of seating
  • Communal lounge with verandah
  • Fully-equipped bathrooms with safari showers and flush toilets
  • Private dining
  • Solar-powered lighting for evenings
  • Dedicated staff
  • Private river overlook with fire circle and seating