The Boutique

Naibor Camp has launched a stunning new range of jewellery in their beautiful boutique that will excite guests from all over the world. Alongside these works of art from up-and-coming designer Rosie Sharp, Naibor also stays true to its roots by showcasing beautiful tribal pieces.

Designer Rosie Sharp has created a collection inspired from a life spent in the African bush and travelling the world. Having been trained by renowned jeweller Billy King in Mexico, Rosie’s designs are clearly a mix of uber chic style and exotic elegance. Each piece is individually created by hand and uses natural and local products where possible. Having spent significant time at Naibor and with their guests from all over the world, Rosie has infused these experiences into her range at the boutique to match the ethos of the camp and its surroundings. Following the growing recognition of her talent Rosie hopes to extend her new jewellery designs to appeal to a broad and expanding global audience.

Also at Naibor’s boutique is a vibrant range of Maasai jewellery created by two phenomenal tribal women. The art of making jewellery from beads is a long-standing Maasai tradition passed from one generation of women to the next. These women begin by helping their mothers after school at a very young age. Whilst in training, young girls start with simple pieces such as bracelets and then graduate onto the complex pieces which require a much higher level of skill taking many days to create.

The Maasai women rely on this skill in order to bring in vital additional money to school, feed and provide medical care for their children. They also sell their jewellery at local markets and to their immediate community. These women were introduced to Naibor by their husband’s, who work at the camp. Their beautiful pieces of such high quality are extremely popular with visitors.